Hey Sushi

Slot Online Hey Sushi Habanero

Slot online hey sushi akan memberikan babak permainan yang seru. Tentu saja ada banyak simbol yang akan menemani anda. Selain dari pada itu anda akan diberikan 25 paylines agar mudah menang. Tentu saja simbol yang sejenis dari kiri ke kanan akan dibayarkan secara langsung. Slot online hey sushi memberikan tampilan permainan dengan ukuran 3×5, dengan nilai RTP 96.7% pasti anda akan sangat senang sekali dalam melakukan taruhan didalamnya.

Tema yang ada pada slot online hey sushi tentu saja menarik perhatian para bettor. Sebab setiap simbol dan tampilan memberikan kesan berada direstoran suhsi. Terlihat jelas bahwa ada chef dan tempat makanan khas sushi. Anda pun pasti akan melihat suasana yang sejuk pasalnya dihiasi pohon bambu.

Slot Simbol Pembayaran

Psih – Dalam permainan dasar ada nilai pengganda yang akan diberikan dari x1 hingga x3. berikut ini adalah nilai pembayaran dari slot online hey sushi

– Wild ialah simbol kepiting. Wild akan menggantikan simbol apapun kecuali simbol scatter. Simbol wild akan muncul pada reel 2, 3 dan 4. 

– Scatter ialah kumpulan makanan sushi yang sudah tertata rapi. Scatter jika muncul 3 simbol sejenis memicu nilai 1, 4= 5 dan 5= 100. Simbol scatter akan memicu nilai penggali dan akan ditotal pada nilai taruhan. Simbol scatter akan muncul pada permainan dasar. 

– Mangkok berisi nasi dan lauk pauk jika muncul 3 simbol sejenis memicu nilai 25, 4= 250 dan 5= 750.

– Daging merah jika muncul 3 simbol sejenis memicu nilai 15, 4= 200 dan 5= 500.

– Daging berwarna kuning kotak jika muncul 3 simbol sejenis memicu nilai 15, 4= 125 dan 5= 400.

– Udang jika muncul 3 simbol sejenis memicu nilai 15, 4= 100 dan 5= 300.

– Sushi di piring jika muncul 3 simbol sejenis memicu nilai 10, 4= 75 dan 5= 250.

– Makanan yang dipincuk jika muncul 3 simbol sejenis memicu nilai 10, 4= 50 dan 5= 150.

– Makanan sushi dengan bentuk bulat jika muncul 3 simbol sejenis memicu nilai 5, 4= 25 dan 5= 100.

– A jika muncul 3 simbol sejenis memicu nilai 5, 4= 20 dan 5= 75.

– K ika muncul 3 simbol sejenis memicu nilai 5, 4= 20 dan 5= 75.

– Q jika muncul 3 simbol sejenis memicu nilai 5, 4= 15 dan 5= 50.

– J jika muncul 3 simbol sejenis memicu nilai 5, 4= 10 dan 5= 25.

– 10 jika muncul 3 simbol sejenis memicu nilai 5, 4= 10 dan 5= 25.

– 9 jika muncul 3 simbol sejenis memicu nilai 5, 4= 10 dan 5= 25.

makanan enak dari bahan seafood//enak

Slot Online Hey Sushi  Free Spins

Munculnya 3 atau lebih simbol scatter memicu 10 free spins. Dalam babak free spins anda akan diberikan nilai pembayaran yang tak terduga serta simbol yang muncul dalam permainan dasar akan memberikan nilai bonus. Nilai pengganda yang akan diberikan pada babak free spins dari x1 hingga x15. 

– Mangkok nasi dan lauk pauk memicu nilai 100.

– Simbol daging merah memicu nilai 70.

– Daging ikan berbentuk kotak memicu nilai 60.

– Udang memicu nilai 50.

– Sushi dipiring memicu nilai 40.

– Makanan di pincuk memicu nilai 30.

– Simbol makanan sushi bulat memicu nilai 20. 



Opening your own business or taking part in a job is the first step to getting to know the outside world. There will be many pros and cons in responding to other people’s opinions. There are negative and positive sides in the outside world, especially when it comes to the world of work. Each opinion will of course vary based on the convenience and income that will be obtained either alone or join.

Maybe some will think that working with people is better than opening a business. But there are many types of jobs that you can find either in a company or in a shop. Did you know that if you want to work with people, let alone work in a company, you must have a college degree. But there are also those who can work without using a bachelor’s degree, namely working in a shop.

2 options that you want to have

Psih – Working in a variety of shops there is a customer service, ob, or a waiter in a restaurant. It’s different if you work in a company instead. Seeing the criteria for your dream job, of course you can’t wait to jump right in. But did you know that starting your own business will be an unexpected challenge.

But it comes back from ourselves again wanting to choose other people’s cooperation or open our own business. Maybe for children who graduate from bachelor’s degrees, they will prefer to work in companies rather than open their own businesses. Because when we work with people, we can use the skills or knowledge we have learned at school or college.

there is communication//join

Start your own business alone or join

It’s different from starting your own business where you have to look for a work model from scratch and look for the type of business that can provide many benefits. However, opening your own business also has its drawbacks, namely being ready to fail, so you have to think extra ways so as not to fail in opening your own business.

The positive value of opening a business itself is that we can determine what type of business we want and can determine our own working hours so that we don’t need to be confused because opening our own business will make us independent and more mature. It’s different from working with other people or companies. alone or join

Work with people or companies

In the world of office work, we will be faced with several rules that have been set in the world of work. Each company or shop will provide some rules and also work instructions. If we join people, we must be ready for all kinds of work that we will get and learn how to be responsible.

In the sense that every task given must be completed properly without the slightest error and must be absolutely perfect. In the office environment, the appearance is more awake and tidy, and always stays on time. When working in a store, be ready at every working hour that has been determined by the boss or store manager.

2 jobs in one

Which of the two would you choose? choose to work with people or open your own business. But there are also those who pursue these two businesses by working with other people and opening their own business. Working with people, the monthly income will continue to come in without stopping, while opening your own business, the monthly income will stop in place.

So when we get a monthly salary, we can set it aside to open a small business to increase costs. That way we can do 2 businesses safely and easily. Even though working with people is more comfortable, did you know that the term of working with people also has an age limit, so we have to look for additional fees for other costs.