fruit pots

fruit pots

Coming back to novomatic. Now we will discuss a classic game that is unique and fun. Which symbols in the game will form a value and that value will enter into large and clear pots. Fruit pots game that is formed with the symbol of fresh fruit and ready to be picked. Enjoying fresh fruit and getting coin value is certainly the main thing in fruit pots.

The presence of this game makes many gamers curious about how to get value. The higher the curiosity of gamers, the higher the demand for fruit pots games. Become a popular game among gamers so that the demand for fruit pots games is high. The most exciting thing about fruit pots is when filling the game pots.

A screen that has the form of 5 reels with 3 rows will make gamers win easily. The fruit pots game is somewhat different from other fruit games. The difference will be seen when you get a similar symbol. When you get a kind of symbol the fruit will go into the pots.

Pots on the game screen

Psih – The shape of the game screen will be slightly different because on the top screen there are 5 pots that are ready to accommodate the symbols. The symbols that are accommodated in the fruitpots game are the number 7, watermelon, plum, grape, and orange. By getting 3 of the same symbol will give 1 game bonus. Each bonus will go into their respective pots.

The more bonus games gamers get, the closer gamers will be to the bonus game. Each pot will randomize the symbols to determine what symbols can present the bonus game. In the fruit pots bonus game, the screen will form an X-shaped symbol. The X on the screen will randomize to get a value.

surprise pot symbol//nilai

How to get coins

Every time you get a symbol during the X position, the gamer will get a multiplier number. The more numbers that are multiplied will be multiplied so that gamers get the coin value. Bonus games will also give free spins. The number of free spins that gamers can get is 10 free spins. How to get the value can be from the number of symbols that can be multiplied by the number of free spins you get,

With this amount will make gamers get the value of coins faster and easier to win. A classic game that shows a different type of game from other games. No need to bother anymore when playing fruit pots. To start playing the game you have to provide a lot of money.

More love and don’t stop playing

Because the more money you bet, the higher you win. This type of game from novomatic provides various types of languages. When playing it gamers can choose the type of language that gamers master. Not only language, novomatic has also developed fruit pots with fresh types of symbols.

Gamers don’t need to download fruit pots anymore. Types of games that can be played through the website. So gamers don’t have to bother downloading anymore. Ready to play, gamers are ready to set the bet value, press min and plus on the game button. This button will help gamers set the amount of bets that gamers want to place.

To know more about the game, you can press game info. In the game info you will find various types of symbols and steps to win the game. The more you know the fruit pots game, the more you want to play it without stopping.