Blazing gems

Blazing gems novomatic

Kalini novomatic will invite gamers to play in a mysterious castle. There are many types of treasures that gamers can get easily in the blazing gems game. The presence of this scary-looking game has actually become a game that many gamers like. Its presence is able to make people queue up to be able to win the game and bring home the money.

Blazing gems that have the form of a video screen with a total of 5 rolls will give gamers a lot of unexpected surprises. It can almost be said that this game is in the form of a reload round, where every time you get the same symbol, the symbol will drop to fill the reels and the reels will spin again.

Game info

Psih – Come on, get the payout value of the game every gamer manages to match the symbols. The value that you get as much as 20 payments will make gamers unable to blink. The value of money that has been changed in the form of game credits will be the main basis for rotating games. The highest value in each symbol will get gamers five thousand coins. The value will be added directly to the gamer’s credit value.

If you want to get to know blazing gems better, you can go to game info. In the info, gamers will find several symbols that can give gamers a high score and can provide an opportunity to win more easily.

The symbols contained in the blazing gems are:

– The mysterious woman dressed in dark blue willd. Wild which can replace all symbols except the scatter and some special signs like clover from the game.

– Scatter is present on reels 1, 2, and 3. Every time you get the same 3 scatters you will get 6 game features and 1 wild symbol. The scatter form is a crystal ball.

– A red diamond with a gold frame has a fairly high symbol value of the number of symbols 3, 4, and 5: 225, 450, and 4,500

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– Stacks of jewels have sums of 3, 4, and 5: 150, 375, and 1,500

– Rings with symbols 3, 4, and 5 : 30, 90, and 450

– Green and red gemstones both symbols that have the same value with values ​​3, 4, and 5 : 15, 60, and 300

– Purple gems 3, 4, and 5 : 15, 45, and 150.

Game jackpot

In addition to the symbol value, gamers will also get the game jackpot value. There are 4 jackpots that gamers can get in the blazing gems game, namely: mini, minor, major, and grand. The direction of the game determines the value of the symbols from left to right. Every time there is a clover leaf, gamers will get a chance to win. When you manage to get 3 crystal balls, gamers get 6 game features which are free spins. Hope as long as the free spins gamers succeed in getting the game jackpot in the form of clover leaves. A screen filled with clover leaf symbols will get a double value of x2.

Every time you get a clover leaf, gamers can get many opportunities to win easily. get more jackpot game values ​​to be able to exceed the jackpot value listed in the blazing gems game. Winning symbols formed from the value of the same symbol and the value of the game combination. The value on game bets that gamers will get when they win can reach from the smallest value of 0.50 to the highest value of 500 coins.